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1. Tennis Courts (Clay Courts)

Tennis in Greece dates back in 1896. It is an official Olympic Game being played in many countries in the world and by players of all ages.

Ιn recent years tennis is included in the team of constantly developing sports, with steadily evolving techinics and tactics, being more and more recognizable worldwide.

It is a sport that harmonically exercises all body parts, while stands out with its characteristics, quality and refined level.

CARETTA Tennis & Padel Club  with its 3 clay courts, brings you closer to this magical experience.

Why clay courts?

Tennis lovers show their clear preference to clay court due to its ground resilience that absorbs player’s intense body vibrations, thus reduces its fatigue.

Playing in clay court is a bit slower, compared to hard or grass courts, but on the other hand a game in clay court is more relaxing, therefore more enjoyable!

In addition, playing in clay court solves all dispute shots issues, since every ball trace is clearly “marked” on the clay ground.

CARETTA Tennis & Padel Club offers exclusively clay courts for high requirements tennis games.

2. Padel Courts

Padel officially designated as Padel Tennis, is a sport that will fascinate you!

This sport was invaded in Acapulco, Mexico, on 1969. Padel is the spanish word for paddle, describing racket’s shape that looks like a paddle.

Its philosophy is based on “thought, conception, movement, sports and company”. Padel Tennis in Greece is officially included in Hellenic Tennis Federation (HTF) whose aim was to spread this sport’s knowledge throughout Greece.

CARETTA Tennis & Padel Club offers 2 Padel Courts! Get ready for fun and action…

Why Padel?

Padel is an entertaining sport applied to public of all ages and that is one of its great advantages, since anyone can participate, from a 5 years old child to a 75 years old veteran.

Children especially like playing Padel as it is easy to learn without spending too much time, while at the same time they are introduced to teamwork and through playing they stimulate and evolve their reflexes.

3. Boutique

In CARETTA Tennis & Padel Club’s Boutique you will find all supplies and necessary equipment you need to turn your game into a magical and most enjoyable experience. We are here to help you choose whatever you may need!

4. Refectory

Fresh juices all day long!

CARETTA Tennis & Padel Club’s Refectory innovates, offering an unimaginable variety of the following; super nutritious fresh juices anytime of the day, delicious and vitamin rich fruit and vegetable smoothies, super energy drinks, tasty beverages, high quality coffee, tonic snacks, healthy and filling sandwiches and more!

The most exciting of all is that you can enjoy the food or drink of your choice watching your loved ones playing tennis or padel: all our facilities offer unobstracted view to courts.

5. Reception (Club House)

CARETTA Tennis & Padel Club’s specially designed Reception is available to aur clients anytime, for service and bookings.

6. Shower and Changing Rooms

CARETTA Tennis & Padel Club’s high level quality facilities include : 

Thus we ensure we provive all our clients ask for, and we offer services that apply to their needs and requirements.!

7. Parking

We believe that visiting CARETTA Tennis & Padel Club should always be a comfortable, easy and pleasant experience, so we provide spacious parking area, totally free of charge!

Caretta Tennis & Padel Club


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Group Lessons

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Personal Training

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Zumba Lessons

Individual & Group
Zumba Fitness Classes (morning hours only)

Caretta Tennis & Padel Club


Stay tunned for all sports activities, events and tournaments organized by CARETTA Tennis & Padel Club!

In our website you will find dates and hours announcements and participation requirements for you to be part of the most spectacular events!

Caretta Tennis & Padel Club

Our story

CARETTA HOLIDAY VILLAGE Group is been active in hotel buisinness field in Zakynthos Island since 1999, running five hotel units in Kalamaki and Tragaki resorts.

After 20 years of successful oparation in hotel field, Caretta Group innovates by paving the way for sports entepreneurship and sports tourism, aiming in progress, development and prosperity in all possible levels.

Caretta Tennis & Padel Club


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